You know what I like about CINDER? Tinderbox (, which creates a Visual Studio Project for me – actually works. There isn’t much I hate more than messing with paths and dependencies. CINDER (  is one of those creative-coding-environments, like Processing (, or OpenFrameworks ( It’s new, it’s free, it’s C++ and I like it a lot. […]

So I’ve decided to use my BORA and hack a small helicopter –  a Syma S107G (3.5channels), which is one of the cheap and very popular helis. It’s cute, looks surprisingly sturdy for its price, it’s chargeable with USB (nice one!) and well-documented. And I want to learn how to work with VHDL. 🙂 The […]

So BORA is great, but there’s this thing I don’t like. The clock. 25kHz , fixed. I don’t want that.  I want 100kHz. Or 38kHz. In fact, I want to determine that  frequency myself. The clock is generated on the AVR. So I need to change the AVR code to get a different clock. Fortunately, […]

I’ve learned this from the project Busmaster ( , a hidden open source gem dealing with CAN communication. I originally just wanted to fix an internationalization issue (. / , as decimal sign – classic atof problem) , but I’ve learned so much from this project about CAN communication and using #include<vector>, and want to […]

After getting the introduction and all the software installation topics out of the way (which weren’t too bad, but not too impressive either), let’s get to work. The Quickstart guide (Have I ever complimented the BORA guys for this guide? I love quickstart guides!) points me towards a 7-segment driver project. For this, I need the […]

. To get started with BORA, you first need to download your toolchain. ( Or get it from the DVD). There’s a very helpful tip included on the DVD: Run the file: ise-webpack-10.1\bin\nt\setup.exe for Windows. The base file ise-webpack-10.1\setup.exe doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7, although may on other platforms (XP). (This is definitely a […]

This is my newest love: BORA. (Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, but it’s my mobile, and I’M SO EXCITED!) It’s a tiny little CPLD board, and I helped making it work on Kickstarter! (Read their story!) It confused our dear import tax guys quite a bit, but I finally have it – […]