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Building a color camera with an IR controlled RGB LED lamp and a monochromatic camera

“Birgit, you are the only person who manages to crash the software of a freaking lamp.” – whoopsie;-) So my dad just bought one of those (rather pointless, but.. uh, well) IR controlled RGB lamps, and being both nerds, we decided to spend Christmas Eve (okay, okay) hacking the remote control. (Here’s a link to […]

LabVIEW and SQL – Part 2 – an example

One Record at A Time This example (by Jeff) shows you “one record at a time”; for example if you use a SELECT statement in SQL. It helps to have the error cluster displayed, in order to catch errors in your SQL statements.  Let’s discuss how to implement this code with standard ADO functions. 1: […]

LabVIEW and SQL – Part 1

To work with databases in LabVIEW, there are a number of solutions. The official way is to use the LabVIEW Database Connectivity Toolkit ( ) Just like every NI product, it’s not that cheap, but affordable for commercial use, and simply works. But today, I’d like to introduce you to one of the two bigger […]

Write better LabVIEW programs

Times are crazy right now. While I’d love to make a GUI really shine or build a clever implementation of a communication protocol or error handler, I need to focus on the big things at work right now: architecture and algorithms – and delegate a lot of things to novice programmers. Even if it means […]

Creating XML from LabVIEW Clusters

I’ve been toying around with recursive vis for some time, so I’d like to show off my recursive LV cluster to XML tool. It takes a cluster (whatever cluster) and turns its contents to XML. RIght now, I’ve only implemented the most common data types, but if you want to adapt this, you won’t have […]

Testing in image processing – an open-source LabVIEW weekend project – Part 1

Image processing is hard. It’s fuzzy, it’s complicated, and the results are really hard to test. When writing an image processing algorithm, you can have two kinds of errors (1) “regular” bugs, like in normal software, and (2) issues with performance, like: The algorithm doesn’t do what is supposed to do. (1) is, well – […]

Building stand-alone Exes with LabVIEW

So I thought I had discovered something cool. Something I had never used before: Building standalone-exes with LabVIEW. As in: Exes without a project. I have an application builder license. I haven’t started coding (except for examples/quick testing without intention to ever turn something into a exe) without a project in .. I dunno, years? […]