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CImg – a template based image processing lib – read source, not manuals!…

If you are doing image processing on non-standard hardware, you’re probably cross-compiling, or at least cross-developing. I, for myself, am writing image processing algorithms in almost “pure” C/C++ (I know the distinction, and am deliberately using that / to signify that I’m using non-Ansi C with some C++ methods, but seldom library functions), and porting […]

Testing in image processing – an open-source LabVIEW weekend project – Part 1

Image processing is hard. It’s fuzzy, it’s complicated, and the results are really hard to test. When writing an image processing algorithm, you can have two kinds of errors (1) “regular” bugs, like in normal software, and (2) issues with performance, like: The algorithm doesn’t do what is supposed to do. (1) is, well – […]