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Building a color camera with an IR controlled RGB LED lamp and a monochromatic camera

“Birgit, you are the only person who manages to crash the software of a freaking lamp.” – whoopsie;-) So my dad just bought one of those (rather pointless, but.. uh, well) IR controlled RGB lamps, and being both nerds, we decided to spend Christmas Eve (okay, okay) hacking the remote control. (Here’s a link to […]

“Fun” with conversion: PXCImage -> OpenCV -> OpenGL

So in order to do some serious image processing with the Intel PCSDK, you need OpenCV, and to do that, you need to convert your pictures from Intel PCSDK (PXCImage::ImageData) to OpenCV (IplImage and cv::Mat)and maybe to OpenGL textures, if you want to display them. I’ve seen all kinds of conversions over the internet, and all […]

How to draw things mirrored in CINDER / OpenGL

So I’ve been working with the Intel PCSDK and CINDER for the past hours, and one of my first questions was: How do I flip my input stream? In fact, how do I mirror anything in CINDER or OpenGL? If you want to do gesture-controlled apps, it’s quite important to give your user visual feedback. Unfortunately, […]

Getting started with CINDER

You know what I like about CINDER? Tinderbox (, which creates a Visual Studio Project for me – actually works. There isn’t much I hate more than messing with paths and dependencies. CINDER (  is one of those creative-coding-environments, like Processing (, or OpenFrameworks ( It’s new, it’s free, it’s C++ and I like it a lot. […]

MFC & ATL in Visual Studio Express 2008

I’ve learned this from the project Busmaster ( , a hidden open source gem dealing with CAN communication. I originally just wanted to fix an internationalization issue (. / , as decimal sign – classic atof problem) , but I’ve learned so much from this project about CAN communication and using #include<vector>, and want to […]

Playing around with tokenizers

Been playing around with Flex( ). It’s a Tokenizer (Lexical Analysis, ), ie, it splits strings into tokens to interpret them. You add a configuration file and get c-code (the „scanner“ – parser would be, at least looking at theoretical computer science), too much. Closely related and often used in conjunction is Bison.exe (, […]

Windows Forms – and managed strings?

I’m a MinGW kind of girl. But I do have VS installed on my PC. Because of – don’t laugh – Windows Forms. Sometimes, I need to create very, very simple CRUD-kind-of-apps. Read a  file, have some buttons with some logic, display it, create a config file, done. Single- purpose throwaway things. I love Windows […]