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Integrating Alfresco inside a MediaWiki

Alfresco is this huge and complicated Enterprise Content Management System, and MediaWiki is a great engine for a internal Wiki. Together, you can create a really awesome infrastructure. I won’t go in further detail why and how I chose them, and how I customized them further – that might come in a later post. Today, I’m […]

Language Switcher for Wikipedia – my first Chrome browser plugin – Part 2

So, yesterday I created a simple chrome plugin for switching between German and English on Wikipedia. ( -> Direct link to download!) Today is about cleaning this up, and adding options (which language you want) to the code. To add options, you first need to add them to your manifest file: { “name”: “Wiki_Language Switcher”, […]

Language Switcher for Wikipedia – my first Chrome browser plugin

I’ve always loved Wikipedia. And I love to use it in multiple languages and switch in between them. Wikipedia offers this functionality, however, the UI is not quite what I want. I want it to be like this: So I decided to spend a few hours (granted, it was less that 2) to write my […]

Just won the Perceptual Computing Hacknight ;-)

Just won the Perceptual Computing Hacknight 😉

How to draw things mirrored in CINDER / OpenGL

So I’ve been working with the Intel PCSDK and CINDER for the past hours, and one of my first questions was: How do I flip my input stream? In fact, how do I mirror anything in CINDER or OpenGL? If you want to do gesture-controlled apps, it’s quite important to give your user visual feedback. Unfortunately, […]

Hacking a mini helicopter – with my newly “updated” BORA and VHDL

So I’ve decided to use my BORA and hack a small helicopter –  a Syma S107G (3.5channels), which is one of the cheap and very popular helis. It’s cute, looks surprisingly sturdy for its price, it’s chargeable with USB (nice one!) and well-documented. And I want to learn how to work with VHDL. 🙂 The […]

MFC & ATL in Visual Studio Express 2008

I’ve learned this from the project Busmaster ( , a hidden open source gem dealing with CAN communication. I originally just wanted to fix an internationalization issue (. / , as decimal sign – classic atof problem) , but I’ve learned so much from this project about CAN communication and using #include<vector>, and want to […]