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Building a color camera with an IR controlled RGB LED lamp and a monochromatic camera

“Birgit, you are the only person who manages to crash the software of a freaking lamp.” – whoopsie;-) So my dad just bought one of those (rather pointless, but.. uh, well) IR controlled RGB lamps, and being both nerds, we decided to spend Christmas Eve (okay, okay) hacking the remote control. (Here’s a link to […]

Building your own light-saber – Part I

The first light  saber project in this series is about controlling a small RC-helicopter with your gestures.  It uses a Nunchuk (Wii), an Arduino, some IR leds, and of course, a helicopter. In this first part, you’re going to hack a Nunchuck. You can take it apart, but you can easily hack it without destroying […]

Arduino + distance sensor + 7-segment

Arduino is a nice open-source platform for mostly Atmegas, which I’m familiar with. They are programmed with  a C-dialect, have a nice IDE written in Processing, which is a cool language 🙂 Arduino has a really awesome community, a number of shields (like on Sparkfun or DFRobot or, in my own country, I also adore the Fritzing project, which gives you this […]

Arduino – The Documentary

RS232 in processing

Last week I announced that I wanted to write a small terminal program in Processing. That has turned out to be a very quick hack. First, I wrote a number generator and loaded it into my Arduino (can you call it “wrote” if you talk about a 3-liner?) void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() […]