my name is Birgit. I’m a nerd, a backpacker, a workaholic, living in between Munich, Prague, Salzburg und Stuttgart.

That’s a picture with some of my students – I’m the gal on the left 😉

That's me - on the left ;-)

I like to dabble in programming stuff and work on software engineering topics (for example, I want you to write better LabVIEW programs, please.), I give talks and teach (some lecture notes on slideshare), I’ve written a textbook on LabVIEW, , which is my programming language of choice, and I regularly attend hackathons and meetups . I sometimes contribute to Open Source projects (mainly if I find a bug and get annoyed and then somehow  get sucked it), I sometimes fork projects to get my own version (haha, Thunderbird calendar!) or learn how they work (thanks so much, Busmaster!), I learn at least one programming language a year (2013 brought 6 languages so far, thanks a lot, boss!), I attend coding classes and do postgrad studies, I am addicted to Reddit, hackernews and the stackexchange network,…

In my day job, I’ve done almost anything: Various C-dialects (including some µControllers and dabbling in DSPs), C++ (though I’m weak at it), LabVIEW, some PLCs, Java, C#,.. and sometimes, I do some electronics, too.
In some ancient days, I used to be able to do website backends and mobile, (and part of me is still itching to learn Ruby on Rails and reads UI blogs), but nowadays, I’m into automation, algorithms, image processing, embedded,..

When my day job is over (it’s not the 9-5-kind of day job), spend my days.. well,  coding and building stuff. And spend time with my friends and family, too, which isn’t exclusive 😉

Feel free to email me(b.ploetzeneder@gmail.com) if you’d like to chat or just grab a coffee somewhere. 😉


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