My first BORA project – a 7-segment driver

After getting the introduction and all the software installation topics out of the way (which weren’t too bad, but not too impressive either), let’s get to work.

The Quickstart guide (Have I ever complimented the BORA guys for this guide? I love quickstart guides!) points me towards a 7-segment driver project.

For this, I need the reference file.

(I’m going to rehash most the instructions, so just look it up there. There are slight differences in names in different versions, so if you use my setup, feel free to follow me.)

After openening “DigitalTrainer_Simple.xise”, a window pops up. Welcome ISE!


Switching to implementation mode looks a bit different than in the tutorial, but it’s easy to find:


Opening the io_connections.sch gives me a new window:


Now what?
Well, I’ve got to place things into that schematic.



Same thing with GND.

Use the Wire Tool, and connect your things.
(Hint: It’s this one:




Save, and then switch to the design implementation.


You get your first CLPD Report, which is pretty cool.


And then, when everything is green


you press the program.bat file.

And theeenn…


So. Done with this. But I’m not finished:
a) But for now, I’m going to play with a few logic operators.
b) And I’m going to figure out how to multiplex something (because I’ve got an idea..)
c) And I’ll look up how that BCD works internally.

So much to do, so little time.


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  1. […] isn’t it? The first check was to just compile it again and boot the AVR. I then uploaded the 7-segment code to see if it still runs. Okay. (This is why I settled for ReAVR. Didn’t run with AVR […]

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