BORA – Installation with Win 7 64 Bit Professional


To get started with BORA, you first need to download your toolchain. ( Or get it from the DVD).

There’s a very helpful tip included on the DVD:

Run the file: ise-webpack-10.1\bin\nt\setup.exe for Windows. The base file ise-webpack-10.1\setup.exe doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7, although may on other platforms (XP).

(This is definitely a Readme file you want to read. All the tips are good.)

They also include a working Webpack Code, in case you are too lazy to register yourself.

Anyways, run the installation. You can safely exlude a few things. (Why do such things always take 5 GB? Code Composer does the same..)

ISE installation

I won’t walk you through to clicking “Next”, but I’ll strongly urge you to use the default paths. No, don’t change C:\ to E:\. This program is.. (insert your favourite expletive here..)

So, my installer crashed. At 99%. All the time.
So I am brave, and am just using

Next, you’ll have to install the drivers.
Follow the instructions here:

But then, you’ll reach the “unsigned” driver issue with 64 bit Windows. There are multiple ways to boot without driver verification (which is a common problem, just google): But their best idea is to verify the driver yourself. 🙂
I’ve followed the link to “Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider”:

I’ve found a description of this on some forum, too,

Just look at your paths (device manager) to get your files:

Which driver

Then start that DSEO program in admin mode, start “Test mode”, and after that “Sign Single Files”.

(Detailed instructions:

dsotestmode sign a system

Then, reboot.

You’ll get a new, pretty watermark on your desktop.


If you want to remove it, go ahead:

I recommend against it, because it is there for a reason.

Plug in your BORA.

Go to the device manager.


There you are. You’re golden.



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  3. sophia · · Reply

    Thanks, I was having the 64 bit issues.

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