BORA – Binary Explorer Board – my new CPLD toy board !!!

This is my newest love: BORA.

(Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, but it’s my mobile, and I’M SO EXCITED!)


It’s a tiny little CPLD board, and I helped making it work on Kickstarter!
(Read their story!)
It confused our dear import tax guys quite a bit, but I finally have it – and included is a DVD, a USB cable, and all kinds of goodies (including a ATMEGA! And decent jumper cables!) – and  a XILINX chip.

Their official website is :, and to take a look at the technical specification, better start here:

But for now, I’m getting started with the Quick Start Guide! First, you need to install the XILINX Toolchain. That means either downloading Gigabytes of stuff

(which is bad if you’re on a business trip and:

baad connection


Or, if you got the BORA DVD, you can just follow the instructions.


helps. And they have a really good download manager thingie with multiple connections.
And now,  I really, really need to get going. Coworker is waiting…

(to be continued ;-))



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