Building stand-alone Exes with LabVIEW

So I thought I had discovered something cool. Something I had never used before: Building standalone-exes with LabVIEW. As in: Exes without a project.

I have an application builder license. I haven’t started coding (except for examples/quick testing without intention to ever turn something into a exe) without a project in .. I dunno, years?

Most of the time, I need projects, if only to have build specification variables and add the company icon and stuff like that, but recently I find myself writing loads of small single-purpose programs, mostly stuff that I’d turn into a command line / shell script, but needs a GUI for “not-power-users”.

So while profiling something complicated, I noticed this:


Build Application (EXE) from VI. (I’m not quite sure why NI insists on writing EXE instead of exe, but I’m not in the mood to research). Great, I thought, does exactly what I need.


Well, but not what I thought it would do. It just puts that one vi into a project, and you’re where you’ve been before.


Well. Okay.
There’s just a part of me who expected to simply get an exe with the “regular” build steps (vi is main vi, all subvis added, built with the vi’s appearance).

Not gonna happen.

Could have been great, NI.


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