Current reading

So for the last weeks I’ve been reading up on requirements management and stuff.

In my previous jobs (jeez, has it been a year already?) requirements were easy.
At least for me. I never did front-end coding, and all the requirements changes were about “I want a nicer button”. Stupid, but, well, not my problem. (Then again, we were dealing with not-so-tech-savvy ppl who wanted “shiny” things, and that was a different kind of hell)

Right now, changing (or unclear) requirements make my life really. really difficult. Because if the customer suddenly wants to have a “self-learning” system or changes the production processes of the stuff we have to look at, things get messy. And suddenly, even a lowly algorithm nerd like me cares about requirements management.

Best book on the topic seems to be “Software Requirements, 2nd edition” by Karl Wiegert.
It’s brilliant. It’s also a huge tome that no human can possibly implement fully..


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