My portable lab:-)

Part of my portable lab

I always carry my personal portable lab in my laptop backpack, included are
– a mini breadboard, a breadboard, jumper wires, an esd bag
– leds, some sensors (temp/light,..), some resistors/capacitors/transistors, some ICs (timer/amplifier/gate/driver,..), random stuff (like 2DC motors, this tiny switch),,..
– a USB 6009 and, if available, a myDAQ
– small screwdriver, electronic pliers
– bootable Linux for quick lshw and similar (actually: I should prepare a USB with Visual Studio, LabVIEW, and stuff like that)
– a cheap Sony cam, Postits, pens, Edding
– USB/RS232 (FTDI!)
My coworkers and friends often think this is quite funny, at least until it saves the day. Again.

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