Alfresco is this huge and complicated Enterprise Content Management System, and MediaWiki is a great engine for a internal Wiki. Together, you can create a really awesome infrastructure. I won’t go in further detail why and how I chose them, and how I customized them further – that might come in a later post. Today, I’m […]

So, yesterday I created a simple chrome plugin for switching between German and English on Wikipedia. ( -> Direct link to download!) Today is about cleaning this up, and adding options (which language you want) to the code. To add options, you first need to add them to your manifest file: { “name”: “Wiki_Language Switcher”, […]

I’ve always loved Wikipedia. And I love to use it in multiple languages and switch in between them. Wikipedia offers this functionality, however, the UI is not quite what I want. I want it to be like this: So I decided to spend a few hours (granted, it was less that 2) to write my […]

“Birgit, you are the only person who manages to crash the software of a freaking lamp.” – whoopsie;-) So my dad just bought one of those (rather pointless, but.. uh, well) IR controlled RGB lamps, and being both nerds, we decided to spend Christmas Eve (okay, okay) hacking the remote control. (Here’s a link to […]

Just won the Perceptual Computing Hacknight 😉

So in order to do some serious image processing with the Intel PCSDK, you need OpenCV, and to do that, you need to convert your pictures from Intel PCSDK (PXCImage::ImageData) to OpenCV (IplImage and cv::Mat)and maybe to OpenGL textures, if you want to display them. I’ve seen all kinds of conversions over the internet, and all […]

So I’ve been working with the Intel PCSDK and CINDER for the past hours, and one of my first questions was: How do I flip my input stream? In fact, how do I mirror anything in CINDER or OpenGL? If you want to do gesture-controlled apps, it’s quite important to give your user visual feedback. Unfortunately, […]